So, you’ve got a assortment of model airplanes, and you need to display these questions realistic manner because they build one airport terminal. In the following paragraphs I will provide you with some tips about how to build that first model airport terminal.

Scale and Space

Just how much space have you got available? This is actually the first question you have to answer. Additionally towards the space, what scale will you be utilising? There are many scales available. Typically the most popular scales are 1:200, 1:400 and 1:500 (largest to tiniest correspondingly). The smaller sized the size, the greater “stuff” (for example terminals, hangars, runways, gates, etc) you are able to incorporate in your airport terminal.


The very first material you have to choose may be the base which you will construct your airport terminal. You should use plywood, particalboard, or Styrofoam insulation panels. If you are planning to become painting the tarmac, you need to discover the smoothest surface possible.


Are you currently creating a real or perhaps a fantasy airport terminal? If you’re thinking about creating a real airport terminal, you ought to get design from the airport terminal you need to re-create, including all of the necessary measurements if at all possible. Search on the web for that specifications from the airport terminal you need to build.

However, if you’re creating a fantasy airport terminal, enable your imagination show you. Browse around at airport terminal websites, or airport terminal magazines to obtain ideas.

Airport terminal Structures

You will need at the very least a primary terminal building. How big your terminal building is determined by just how much space available for you, and also the layout from the plane pads. Additionally, you might want to give a domestic terminal, an worldwide terminal, a cargo area, a commuter terminal, hangars, fuel depot, etc. The treatment depends about how much room you’ve as well as on your layout.

Runway/Taxiway markings

For that runway/taxiway markings you should use colored markers, or drafter’s tape in various colors. You’ll find these at the local crafts and arts store.


For that landscaping you can check out the local miniature railroad store or hobby shop, and employ a few of the landscape material they provide. Materials for example trees, grass, gravel, etc. These can add a lot of realism for your diorama.

They are some fundamental guidelines to help you together with your first airport terminal. If you want anymore information, I recommend searching on the web for model airport terminal forums for example Wings 900, 400 Scale hangar, Diecast Aircraft forum. The people you will find filled with information and tips, as well as lots of photos from fellow airport terminal enthusiast.

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