Majority of investors like to have gold as a part of their investment portfolio. There is no denying that gold is a universal currency and it is as liquid as cash. As an investor, you have two choices – gold bullion coins or ETFs, also known as exchange-traded funds. ETFs are securities that are dependent on the price of gold and other metals, such as silver. If you are keen on investing in tangible assets, you should consider physical gold.

Knowing the options

Before you check for coin shop near me, you should know that physical gold can be purchased in many ways. Most commonly, people buy bullion coins, rare coins and jewelry, and while of them are liquid assets, selling bullion coins is the easiest. Unlike silver, which has a much lower price, gold is easy to store, and coins are surely better as far as investment is concerned. In recent years, the demand for gold exchange-traded funds has increased, but for small scale investors, physical gold in form of coins is still more attractive.

Check for a good dealer

When it comes to buying gold coins, you should know a tad more about gold measurement scales and karats. The purity of gold coins is measured in karats. If you have a coin of 18 karats, it just means that the coin contains 18 parts of gold with around 6 parts of other metal such as copper. Ideally, you should invest in 22 or 24 karat gold coins, but again, you need to find a dealer than you can rely on. Select a licensed dealer instead of a pawn shop and make sure they use state-certified scales for measuring and evaluating gold.

Other things to note

Buying gold coins is easier than ever, but do take your time to consider if you should sell them. The prices of gold, much like other precious metals, tend to fluctuate, and you need to know if you can get a better price tomorrow. Keep an eye on the market prices and always purchase from a dealer who is ready to buy back the coins if required. This will ensure that your coins remain like a liquid asset. Also, don’t buy gold for all your savings. It is always wise to have a diversified portfolio, no matter how much you are interested in gold.

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