Businesses have relied on Excel spreadsheets for treasury tasks for the longest time. At a time when enhanced productivity and operational efficiency are key concerns, your company cannot afford to rely on manual management of the treasury departments. It’s high time to consider a treasury management system, and before you take the call, here’s what you need to know.

About using a treasury management system

Cash flow management and keeping a tab on liquidity components can be a serious challenge for any business, regardless of the size and other factors. With treasury management systems, it is possible to create an effective system that’s efficient and offers much more than just spreadsheets. TMS, as treasury management systems are also called, are designed to enhance visibility, and some companies, like, have redefined the products with the AI. Today, you can expect TMS to offer cash flow predictions, check for anomalies, offer assistance for banking and payments, besides offering access to data in real time. With AI, treasury management systems can effectively offer advice to the management for decision making and risk management.

You cannot also deny the fact that TMS is necessary to ensure that your business is compliant to the industry norms. Some companies even assist clients in developing new features as per the required business setup.

Comparing different products

With numerous treasury management systems, it is hard to choose one that would fit the bill. The best idea is to check the features and ask for a demo. Rest assured that most software providers would oblige to that, and you can review the highlights accordingly. Keep in mind that all features that these treasury management systems offer may not be applicable or useful for your business. As such, consider what you need and check if the product fits the bill. Costing is important, but if a product offers all the features and simplifies the job of the treasury department at all levels, paying a tad more is never a bad idea.

Thanks to treasury management systems, businesses can now manage their cash inflows and all other aspects better, and such products also come in handy for detecting and preventing frauds. Of course, you have to consider if the product makes sense in the long run, because a TMS is like an investment, which has to work in the larger picture. It is also a wise to check the process of integration and implantation.

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