Would you like to start your business and are you hesitating to join an incubator? However, the advantages are numerous, to benefit from free premises (or almost), to share them with other entrepreneurs with whom to exchange, to profit from a customized accompaniment by company creators and high-level pros, the horizon of four reasons to take this springboard. You are teeming with innovative ideas, but you are still a student, and the idea of creating your box seems far away? It is not too late to enjoy the services of a Toronto incubator by startup here Toronto in order to station you on an upright lane.

To Test your Entrepreneurial Fiber

More and more schools are integrating an incubator into their curricula, offering, from the first years of study, modules or workshops to raise awareness of entrepreneurship. The incubator of the eponymous engineering school coordinates with teachers-researchers on innovations by users. The engineering students are working on case studies proposed by the incubator start-ups. They can also opt for a 60-hour dedicated to the business creation, which will give them entrance to the same network of experts as incubates. At the climax of this module, they support their work before a jury. Many students don’t start their business when eventually leave school, but later, many people return to the incubator.

To be Hosted for Free (or almost)

In general two formulas are proposed outside the walls, with a remote accompaniment, or a classic follow-up with accommodation in equipped premises (photocopier, telephone, Wi-Fi), most often in the form of a co-working space or, more rarely, separate offices. Many higher education incubators charge professionals, but not students or graduates, at least initially. The services reserved for are thus free. Entrepreneurs, meanwhile, begins to pay its services to students and alumni after half a year incubation (excluding taxes) per month for six months. This is a symbolic sum that doesn’t even represent a rent.

So that you Don’t Stay Alone

Individuals who have commenced on the entrepreneurial adventure will tell you, the trap to avoid is to be alone in his corner to rehashing. It’s very stressful to start your business, you put pressure on yourself, making success a target, invest money and, give up on job hunting. These are important life choices, without necessarily being in a similar sector as you, the other incubated go through stages of evolution close, raising funds, prospecting the first customers, recruiting the first workers and, the same questions. Every lunchtime, we tried to lunch between incubated.

To be “Mentored”

Beyond the technical issues, the budding entrepreneur sometimes needs the advice of an “old man.” It’s the role of the mentor. This experienced entrepreneur, usually from the same sector as you, is there to accord you more general feedback on starting up your own profession.

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