If you have a problem dispatching products on time or manage your growing workload, it might be time to review your warehouse strategy. You can start with your packaging operation since your packaging can significantly affect the performance of your supply chain and the costs involved. To help you improve the efficiency of your warehouse and overcome problems in managing your supply chain, consider the following ideas:

Choose Packaging Solutions which Suit Various Items in your Range

It can take time to find the right box for every item. Think about limiting your packaging selection to multiple solutions which suit various items in your range. Take advantage of tools like custom-made carton size guide boards to determine the right box for every product. Just place your item on the board and choose the box that corresponds to the suitable color. If you have the budget, switch to automated packaging solutions that measure your items’ height automatically and adjust the size of the box accordingly.

Use Pallets Better

Stacking smaller, more compact packages is easier and you can fit more items on every pallet than you would otherwise.  With this, you can transport more boxes in a single go, possibly limiting the number of trips, thus, minimizing your transport costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Change your Product Method

This can work if you tend to hold high levels of packaging stocks. Just in time production, which refers to the storing of products and packaging offsite and producing to order for call-off the following day, is an excellent option. This can help you save insurance and rent. Also, it can let you manage increases in packaging demands better and free up cash flow since you just pay for stock whenever you use it. Check out belley.net/services/warehouse-ready-to-go/ for more information.

Ensure Packing Solutions are Well-Arranged and Adequately Stocked

This makes sure products are easily dispatched. Warehouse accessories like shelving and pick bins are ideal to organize your packing areas and help minimize pick times. You can fold and store away temporary solutions in low-demand periods to reduce your floor space further.

Make sure that your people are familiar with the layout of your warehouse and aware of all available support including related training. This is expected to increase your packaging line while making sure all of your products are packed based on your standards.

Review your Warehouse Thoroughly

Reviewing your warehouse, packaging and packing solutions will help in determining areas for improvement. Also, this recommends solutions to maximize the efficiency of your warehouse.

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