Maybe you have got your Pivot Table searching great, cells widths just as you would like them, then have refreshed your table to include more data in it and every one of your effort formatting your cells been lost. It’s because one small setting – a detail that knowing about, it’ll without doubt be among your visit settings when designing a Pivot later on.

So, if you want to have your posts widths static this is how you’re doing so really easily in Excel. It’s something I personally use all the time after i have my Pivot Table searching precisely how I would like it and I don’t would like it to change!.

First, make your standard Pivot Table

Click any cell inside your data set you need to use within your analysis

Around the Insert Tab, hit Pivot Table

The Create Pivot Table Dialog box can look as Excel instantly selects the information looking for you

Click OK

The Pivot Table field list can look

Choose the Field you need to come in the Rows area

Choose the Field you need to come in the Posts area

Choose the data field that you would like Excel to analyse within the Data area

Now you must produced a typical Pivot, and for most of us this is when the setting of formatting might finish. If you wish to convey more control of you column widths then have them perfect- then connect to the magic little setting which will keep the table all newly made whenever you refresh it.

Pick a cell inside your table

Hit the choices Tab within the Ribbon

Choose the Options tool, in Pivot Table Group- Excel displays the Pivot Table Options Group

Make sure the Layout and Format tab is displayed

Be sure that the Auto Fit Column Widths on Update isn’t ticked (we don’t want Excel to Auto Fit)

That’s it your cell width will stay the way you place it before united nations ticking the AutoFit Column widths and won’t move while you refresh or improve your Pivot Table. Obviously if you wish to reverse this static formatting then just be sure that the AutoFit posts width on update is ticked. This can be sure that the cell widths inside your table will again auto fit as the information is refreshed to support more data to your data set.

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