The US and Puerto Rico have had a complicated relationship over the last century. But despite the fact that the latter is one of our colonies, the complication has gotten even more frantic over the last few years. The recent whiff of our president over the natural calamity that hit the region didn’t help but dampened the already fading relationship.

In so many ways, Puerto Rico has been an ally of the United States. Although we both share the same citizenship by law, businesses coming from the US are scarce and most of them set off because of the country’s economic problem. These past few years, Puerto Rican industries have been considered as an emerging market along with other countries in the Caribbean.

The upsurge of business growth presents a viable situation where companies from the US can rapidly start their growth. The notion of US companies penetrating the Puerto Rican market has been conceptualized by marketing guru Neil Billock. He has seen a great potential in the countries growing economy where companies from the US can quickly get sight of.

Neil Billock was born and raised in San Diego, California. His name resounds to the marketing world as one of the most reliable pioneers of digital marketing. Working closely with Vertical Direct Marketing Group, the marketing head has been able to bring in numerous clients for the company. For all his hard work, he was awarded as the recipient of the San Diego Magazine’s 2013 Top Tech Executive Award, an accolade exclusively given to forerunners and pioneers in the marketing world.

Puerto Rico, on the other hand, has been his home in recent years since he moved there with his family. Recognizing the need for American products and services around the country, he strongly advocates startups and mid-sized companies to start their operations in Puerto Rico.

Marketing strategies won’t be a problem with the successful guru as he is bringing the technology to the country. Working intently with a team of experts from both countries, Neil Billock is making a big difference in the marketing world of Puerto Rico. He is eyeing the digital revolution as a leading tool that will help US companies who wants to penetrate not just the American dominion, but the rest of the Caribbean.

He says that the opportunities in these countries are endless. Considering that they are still using the traditional marketing tools we have grown up with, bringing these countries to the digital age would prove to be a satisfying task. Not only will it be good for a business, but the growth these countries would get will contribute to the exponential prosperity of your business.

The advertising industry veteran is spearheading this big change in the country of Puerto Rico. He says, “The future of forward thinking advertising agencies doesn’t lie inside the United States. “ This is because the competition is stiff and most consumers are tired of too much marketing materials in the US.  Together with a great advertising strategy and market presence, your business will boom in the Puerto Rican market.

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