The fact is that more and more employers are coming to the conclusion that it is the quality of the people they employ that truly makes or breaks an organisation. When everyone is happy and sufficiently skilled, customers, stakeholders, and employees are the biggest winners. In fact, studies show time and time again that happy employees are also the most productive employees as well as the most loyal employees.

The Truth of the Modern Business World

Of course, the picture is not all rosy. In a world where there are vast global economic pressures, people often come second to profits. Job security in many countries has suffered due to changes in technology and the casualization of the modern workforce. This has created a climate where many people, old and young, are finding it not only difficult to find a secure job, but also finding it tough to hold onto those jobs long-term.

Despite this insecure environment, one of the best ways to do well at work and secure long-term employment is to your upgrade skills. This is especially the case in corporate environments where employers will often invest in third-party management courses such as:

  • Advanced management courses
  • Law
  • Human resources
  • Project and operations management
  • Sakes
  • Public relations

The Value of Training

As an employee, it is important to not only make yourself invaluable to the organisation, but also to improve your future job prospects. It is rare these days that any person stays in a single job for longer than several years, so learning as much as possible from each job will place an individual in a much better position to gain new employment elsewhere.

So, what are the distinct benefits of these sorts of third-party professional training courses? Consider the following:

  • Skills: First and foremost, by attending extra training courses paid for by a company, the employee stands to gain and learn valuable new skills. This enhances their standing in the company and makes it more likely that they will not be passed over for a promotion.
  • Happiness: When an employee is happier at work, they are less likely to have sick days, and are also more likely to be productive. This is a win for both the employee and the organisation. One of the biggest contributors to employee happiness is that they feel valued by the organisation, and also feel skilled enough to perform the work required.

The truth is that no company today can afford to ignore the real value of employees. A skilled employee is a valuable employee, not only because they are happier, but also because they are more effective at work and more highly skilled. This can only be good for the brand!

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