If you’re importing goods from China the very first time and not really acquainted with overseas shipping, you may think that full container shipping is the main option? Obviously for those who have sufficient levels of cargo to load right into a 20ft or 40ft container this would unquestionably be the most affordable shipping method, however generally – for brand spanking new importers filling a complete container is simply not a choice.

You’d therefore need a Under Container Load (LCL) or sometimes known as Part Container Load service, whereby your cargo is consolidated (or manufactured) along with other people’s cargo that is going to exactly the same destination. The good thing about an LCL ocean freight service is it offers fantastic prices for smaller cargo consignments and undoubtedly is the most affordable method of shipping goods from China towards the United kingdom.

Typically speaking the procedure for shipping goods utilizing a Part Container Load services are easy and straight forward and it is usually arranged from your hired freight forwarder, whether this really is using a United kingdom based freight forwarder coping with their counterparts in China or where you stand dealing directly using the freight company in China. Prices is calculated on the “per cbm” basis (cbm = cubic metre) and for that reason with respect to the size your cargo consignment, determines how your shipping charges is going to be from China towards the United kingdom. Do also keep in mind that a lot as getting to cover sea freight from port of origin to port of destination, certain other charges will apply for example:

Terminal Handling


Port Security

Customs Clearance

Delivery Charges

These charges will often affect FOB (Free Aboard) consignments being shipped from most Chinese origins, for example Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Dalian and Guangzhou to mention a couple of.

If you’re purchasing goods from China under different incoterms, for example C&F, CIF, CFR etc. then additional charges may apply at both origin and destination points and usually speaking, means you’re having to pay more for the shipping from China than you will need to be.

I’d always recommend you discuss the choices open to you when shipping goods by Part Container Load from China. Never instantly assume because you will get a “cheap sea freight” cost in the Chinese manufacturer/freight forwarder – this can mean the best shipping choice for your company. Consider purchasing your goods FOB rather, that make a substantial cost saving for your business as well as means most significantly, you realize just how much money the shipping from the goods will definitely cost from beginning to end.

Spreading business is a mission of any organization. However, to make the shipping to China from Singapore pretty easy, you should and must understand the dynamics of entire process which is well known to experts. Hire their services and get relief from these critical activities.

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