Document destruction when not done properly can lead to severe consequences. From penalties to lawsuits and damage of reputation, there are several ways in which a firm can get harmed. To prevent such occurrence, it is important to learn about the common types of document destruction mistakes that you must avoid them.

Use a “One Size Fits All” policy to hold customers

A retention policy decreases liability as well as ensures compliance. Holding these documents when they are no more required enhances the risks of privacy and storage expenditure. It is essential to have a process to designate and review disposition dates for each type document used by your business.

Depending on office shredders

Office shredders look a good option to scrap occasional document, but can’t be implemented for sensitive business document. This is because this method is quite inefficient or insecure for large-scale data destruction. With this method, a firm only gets a limited ability to shred staples, paper, and paperclips. All this needs to be removed from files, and the paper shredding container needs be emptied quickly.

Not able to prove document destruction

Without a proven document destruction procedure, a firm can’t prove adherence to federal and state privacy laws. A professional and experienced document destruction service offers a “Certificate of Destruction” at the end of a shredding project. You can show this certification to a regulator/auditor as an evidence of your firm’s compliance.

Not associating with a NAID AAA Certified Service Provider

Not every document destruction provider is NAID AAA Certified. NAID AAA is the governing body that sets standards for the entire information destruction industry. These companies go through audits 3rd party security professionals. This ensures that your media gets destroyed within a firm chain of protection and as per the highest professional and ethical industry standards.

Unsafe shredding maintenance

In many companies, shredding technologies are not given due attention. As shredding is an ongoing activity, shredding maintenance is of utmost importance. These systems should be cared like the employees of an organization. This ensures efficient document shredding at all times.

Using too many shredder materials at once

A small office shredder can get easily jammed and blocked due to several papers going into the machine at one time. Such type of jamming disrupts the entire process and reduces its speed and efficiency.


For efficient data shredding and protection from consequences due to wrong shredding practices, you must ensure that these mistakes do not happen in your business.

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